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Wow!!!  The weather seems so nice and warm.  Who could have imagined that this warm and cold and warm and cold again could have such an impact on your local food.  We can adapt by putting a coat on layers of clothes but the plants and the trees get a little confused they cannot put layers of clothing and they have to rely on us to help them get past the changing climate.

Because of these weather changes Almars has lost 90% of their crop this year, I am not sure about the other fruit growers in the state.  The plants say it is warm, the sun is shining it must be time for me to blossom.  Each time it gets warm they grow a little more and than get slammed with a heavy frost and die.  It took our asparagus out that same weekend, although they have deep roots so they will come back and produce.  The frequency that our fruit growers in Michigan have been losing crops to frost is happening more and more often as compared to in the past.  So much for food security.

The tart cherries from North Star Organics is the absolute last of them.  Tart Cherries offer great health benefits especially for your joints.  The kind of joints that you use to hang the laundry or bend down to pick up toys.

Did you know that those wonderful red cherries in Maraschino Cherries are actually yellow cherries.  True sweet red cherries are difficult to grow so instead the industry grows the yellow sweet cherries.  Now what American do you know that wants yellow cherries, Cherries are suppose to be red RIGHT?  To keep the populations happy the non organic industry soaks the cherries in Bleach (chlorine-you know that stuff in the hallide family on the periodical chart-that according to Dr. Brownstein is stored in our breast) and than they die the cherries red.  Just that alone should make you think twice before eating non organic cherries.  I shudder each time I think about you.