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Asparagus: The Green Spear

Asparagus is thought to be derived from the Greek word “asparagos” meaning “to spring up.” Which is exactly what they are doing at White Pine Farm. The little sprigs are popping up from the rich soil  like no tomorrow.

The vibrant green spears are absolutely delectable, not to mention great for your health. Loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, Asparagus is the versatile vegetable to keep you going. Free from fat and cholesterol, Asparagus is a delicious way to eat healthy and perfect if your trying to lose weight for the summer. I LOVE eating asparagus roasted, grilled, steamed and even raw! Yes! That’s right, you can eat asparagus raw. I was a little apprehensive when Lorie, the CSA market miracle worker, told me. But I tell you, it is delicious!

One of my favorite simple roasting recipes is asparagus with Toni Oliver’s mozzarella cheese, CSAKitchenCreations garlic powder and/or onion salt, sea salt and pepper! All these ingredients can be found right on the CSA Farmers Market!