Chocolate, Cacao Big Bag 1 lb

Grower: GoodStuffCacao

Our original cacao is our baby, our first born. It is plain and simple raw organic cacao with no bells or whistles needed. Good Stuff was born out of the long hours it took to perfect this recipe and it shows in it’s simple yet satisfying taste.

Big Bag is also available in  Coconut, Hit the Trail, Nib Crunch and Peppermint.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


For all those chocolate lovers this big bag will last a long time or be perfect for when you have company.

The Big Bag is now available in all flavors including Coconut, Hit the Trail, Nib Crunch, Peppermint as well as Original.


Our cacao is plain and simple “Good Stuff”. Though Good Stuff has one of the highest raw cacao ratios on the market our cacao still delivers rich flavor with no bitterness. Our original uses 100% raw organic cacao specially hand mixed with raw honey and that’s it! That’s natural folks, and it tastes great!

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