Apple, ACV Mother Starter

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ECOCERT ICO LLC Certified Organic Mother of Vinegar from Almar Orchard in Flushing MI.

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ACV from whole apples

What you need

  • 6 sweet apples (organic are the best)
  • Starter culture: 2 tablespoons raw ACV with “mother” or scoby (if you use your own mother, add 1/3 cup. Homemade ACV tends to be less concentrated)
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey or sugar
  • Water (non-chlorinated, as chlorine may halt the fermentation process)
  • 2 quart wide mouth glass jar
  • Cheesecloth (or dish towel, coffee filter, paper towel, or an old clean panty)
  • Rubber band

How to Make ACV

  1. Wash your apples thoroughly, even when organic, to remove dirt and pesticides. Cut the apples into 8 to 12 pieces each. Place them into the jar or on the counter. Let them air until they turn brown.
  2. Add honey and raw ACV (with mother or scoby). The mother or scoby will add the useful, friendly bacteria to speed up the fermentation process. When making your second batch, you can use your own mother or scoby instead of store-bought raw ACV.
  3. Cover the apples with water.
  4. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth and rubber band to hold the cover in place. Air needs to come in contact with the liquid for the fermentation process. The air helps to ferment the apples, sugar, and water into a mild alcohol or cider. The harmless bacteria then turn the cider into vinegar in the presence of oxygen.
  5. Place the mixture in a warm and dark place for 2 weeks. The top of your fridge is a good example of a warm and dark place. Room temperature also works, but will take longer. Bubbles and scum may form on top of the water as the bacteria are turning sugars and alcohols into vinegar. Every day, stir the mixture. Mold can form on top, but that’s okay. Nothing to worry about. Just spoon it off.
  6. After 2 weeks (when the liquid has darkened) strain the liquid in a clean glass jar and discard the apples.
  7. Cover again with cheesecloth and place back at the same warm dark spot. Stir every few days for 2 weeks to 1 month.

Recipe from Healthy and Natural