Flour, Millet



GOA Certified Organic Stone Ground Millet Flour from Ferris Organic Farm in Eaton Rapids MI.

This product was repackaged in a non-certified organic kitchen, therefore it cannot be labeled certified organic.



Millet flour contains vitamins and minerals. Made from gluten free ingredients, it is perfect for flatbreads, or when combined with up to 50% wheat flour, it makes delicious,and nutritious leavened breads!

Millet has high concentrations of numerous vitamins, as well as a high volume of protein — a little over 1/10 of the grain is protein. In addition, it is gluten free. Millet also grows quickly and can be harvested as soon as three months after planting, providing an opportunity to get two or even three crops in a year. It is less susceptible to pests than some other grains, and can be grown without the use of expensive pesticides as a result. There is some concern about sensitivity to fungus in nations that have developed genetically uniform strains targeted at increasing yields.

Millet has a fairly mild flavor, which can be enhanced by lightly toasting the seeds before cooking. The faint nutty taste is relatively unobtrusive, and the grain is often seasoned with spices and herbs to make it less bland. However, the blandness also makes it well suited as food for people who are sick and having difficulty keeping food down.