Flour, Buckwheat



GOA Certified Organic Buckwheat from Natural Way Mills in Middle River MN. Milled at Ferris Organic Farm in Eaton Rapids MI and GOA Certified there as well.

This product was repackaged in our non-certified organic kitchen, therefore it cannot be labeled certified organic.



Buckwheat is a very valuable grain. It has it’s own unique flavor. It is on the strong side, but quite addicting.¬†Contrary to its name, this fruit seed is not in any way related to wheat.¬† Buckwheat is a gluten free food! Our Buckwheat is Certified Organic.


  • Has high quality protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, including lysine.
  • Rich in iron.
  • Very high in carbohydrates (80%).
  • Very high in antioxidants.
  • Filled with many minerals and vitamins such as zinc, copper, and niacin.
  • Contains a high level of rutin.

It is said to help reduce inflammation and control blood-sugar levels.