Beans, Pinto

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Grower: Thumb Area Organic Bean Growers

50% off. Beans may be split.

Certified organic pinto beans grown locally in the thumb of Michigan, by Everbest Organics.

“Pinto” means painted in Spanish. Pinto Beans get their name from their mottled beige and brown skin. This medium-sized bean is a staple in the diets of Mexico and the American Southwest. Pintos can be found in chili, refried beans, and many dips.

This product was repackaged in a non-certified organic kitchen, therefore it cannot be labeled certified organic.



A 1-cup serving of pinto beans contains about 250 calories. Pinto beans are small, but they contain impressive doses of certain vitamins and minerals. With just 2.5 grams of fat per 1-cup serving, pinto beans are a low-fat addition to your healthy eating plan. Excellent source of fiber. Use for making refried beans, in soups and other dishes.  

We package Certified Organic Beans in the licensed CSA Farmers Market kitchen which is not Certified Organic. Grown by our local farmers in the Thumb of Michigan