Pork, Fat (Soy Free)


Grower: AlmarOrchards

Course Ground, ready and easy for you to render.

Organically raised pigs from Almar Orchards in Flushing MI.  SOY FREE, they are fed a lot of reject apples and apple pulp.  The pigs are released in some of the orchards to eat the fallen apples and they do what comes natural to pigs ROOT, looking for, insects, grass/weed roots and eat dirt, which contains iron that they need to stay healthy.






Pork, Fat (Soy Free), Almar Orchards is a Certified Organic Apple Orchard in Flushing, they starting raising pigs as a way to help control coddling moths which is a major pest in the apple industry.

Almar Orchards uses organic practices with their pigs.

To render, add a little water to a pan and cook at a very low temperature, also slow cookers work great.  Than strain through a sieve or cheese cloth.