Beef Bones

Grower: Ulrich Farm

100% Grass-fed, Certified organic,non-GMO, pastured, free-range. Bone broth is better known as “LIQUID GOLD” for all the variety of health benefits it gives you, loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals, and it can taste SO VERY GOOD!!!!  You can never go wrong drinking amazing beef bone broth, the ULTIMATE GOODNESS!!! Processed at C-Roy's certified organic processing facility in Yale MI. NO ANTIBIOTICS, NO CHEMICALS, NO HORMONES EVER!!!!!

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Ulrich Farm

Ulrich Farms is a family owned and operated certified organic farm.   We have been in operation since 1944 and raise contented free-range, pastured beef and pigs.  Past Ulrich generations were farmers in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We have always loved the land.

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