Beef, Rolled Rump Roast

Grower: White Pine Farm

100% Grass Fed, Angus/Hereford Cross Beef, raised organically on White Pine Certified Organic Farm in North Branch MI.

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This roast is tender enough to melt in your mouth (if it is not over cooked) as with any pastured beef it is high in that magic Vitamin K2 that is high in pastured animals.   Dr. Weston Price found that cultures that ate grass fed beef, which turned out to be high in this vitamin as compared to feed lot and corn fed beef had better health.

100% Grass Fed, raised organically on our Certified Organic Farm.  These animals are rotated throughout the whole summer from pasture to pasture, each pasture with a unique mix of grasses, alfalfa and even a few tasty native weeds.  Water is always available and the animals are processed at 18 months of age, young enough to be tender.

White Pine Farm

We grow certified organic produce and we raise beef on a rotational pastured (that means they always have fresh pasture), Our farm has been in our family since 1944, we have been certified organic for more than 10 years. Dale was raised on a dairy farm in Brown City (Farming is in Dales Blood) and Marian was raised on this farm. We are also the home of CSA Farmers Market and we have an open door policy. People are welcome to visit us and see how we do things! Marian was awarded the YWCA/ Flint Journal "Women Making a Difference Award" (for her environmental work), the Dr. Gary Price Award for work with the Flint River Watershed Coalition and many awards with the Sierra Club for her work for the environment. For us Organic Farming Provide both health for the environment and health for the consumers.

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