Beef, Ground ORGANIC

$10.50 • 1 lb

Grower: OliverCheeseCo

OEFFA Certified Organic Beef from Oliver Farms in North Branch MI.

USDA Certified Organic Processing at C Roy’s in Yale MI.

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Oliver Farms in Fostoria MI not only produces the finest RAW Organic Cheese in Michigan but also has this wonderful ground beef available.


We here at Oliver Farms are proud to offer you a full line of Certified Organic Artisanal Raw Milk Cheese. All of our cheese is handmade with loving care. We use only our own certified organic milk in making our cheese. We add no coloring and any seasoned cheese has only the finest organic ingredients added. Our cultures contain no gmo's or modified organisms and the rennet is a vegetable base, not animal based like commercial cheese. Sea Salt is used as the only preservative.

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