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Grower: GCCOrganics

MOSA Certified Organic pastured cattle from GCC organics in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.
GCC Organics has a diversified herd of Hereford, Dexter, and Angus cattle. They are moved every afternoon to a fresh paddock of pasture.

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Our cattle are given an organic blend of salt and kelp as a mineral supplement. Kelp’s nutrients are absorbed as needed through the intestinal tract with any excess vitamin or mineral allowed to pass. Synthetic minerals are highly absorptive requiring the animals liver and kidneys to process the minerals which can cause damage over time. Our cattle are never given any grain supplementation because they are specifically designed to digest fibrous grasses and legumes with the four stomach digestive tract. During the winter months, GCC Organics feeds the cattle hay grown on the farm during the green months. Shop 100% Grass-Fed Beef!
– GCC Organics


Our Family and Farm Delbert Garrett, Jr. began farming as Garrett Cattle Company in 2008. The family farm was originally founded as a homestead by Delbert’s great, great grandfather, Charles M. Garrett, in the 1880’s. The farm was eventually handed over to Delbert’s grandfather, Charles “Bud” Garrett, who successfully ran the operation in various forms from 1942-2008. Until 2000, the focus was conventional dairy farming. From 2000 to 2008, the dairy operation was liquidated and turned into a conventional cash-crop operation. Delbert spent most of his youthful summers on the farm helping Grandpa Bud. In 2008, Delbert and Krystyl Garrett fulfilled Delbert's lifelong dream and returned to the farm for good and took over ownership of the farm. Delbert's passion for the environment and healthy lifestyle soon led to the conversion of the entire operation to become Certified Organic. In 2016, Delbert's in-laws, Doug and Jennifer Lentz, moved from Colorado to form a partnership in GCC Organics. Our Beliefs and Philosophy GCC Organics has adopted a holistic management approach. We view every aspect of our operation as being part of a greater whole. GCC Organics is part of the whole that makes up our local community. This in turn, is part of the whole that is Isabella County, which is part of the state of Michigan, of the United States, and of the world. Here at GCC Organics, we strive to appreciate the dynamics within our environment. Being connected to nature, we mimic her patterns. There is a symbiotic relationship between livestock and nature. They feed off and assist each other. We as humans understand this relationship and feel it is imperative to follow this holistic approach in everything we do

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