Potato Soup Recipe

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Favorite Potato Soup Recipe, came from a 19th century cook book and  I have modified and improved upon it over the years.


Potato Soup

5 medium potatoes

1 large onion (dice) or 1 cup of frozen diced onions

¼ cup of dried Celery leaves

1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

1 teaspoon Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt

1 quart milk, preferably whole milk from hilfhof that has not been homoginzed  (older milk adds more flavor)

½ cup organic butter

½ cup organic flour

Cayenne Pepper (one small or ½ large)

Bacon or ham



Clean and dice potatoes

Boil potatoes until tender (add a little salt to the water) .

Drain water from the potatoes.  (potato water is very high in potassium and can be drunk or saved for other dishes)

Mash half of the potatoes

Add milk.

In pan fry onions,

Add onions, cayenne pepper,

if using bacon put bacon in broiler pan and cook in over, cut up into small pieced.

Add bacon.

In pan put ½ cup butter, heat and add ½ cup flour, wire wisk and add rue to soup.

Add salt and fresh ground pepper.

Put lid on pan and put in oven,  Cook at 170 degrees.  For 4 hours.  (milk will curdle at higher temperatures)

Remove from oven and serve.  To make it thicker use butter and flour to make a rue and add to soup.

The higher the fat and the rue in the soup the less likely the milk will curdle.

Potato Soup Recipe