Safe Green Lawn


Grower: Morgans Composting

Granulated Safe Green Lawn, with its just-right amount of Dairy Doo, comes in. Whether you’re seeding a new lawn, overseeding, or trying to get more oomph from your existing limp, lackluster lawn, Safe Green Lawn has what you need. And don’t worry about polluting local water because there’s no phosphate to impact lakes and streams. With Safe Green Lawn, it’s in the bag.

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Morgan Composting products are organic based and obtain their nutrients from natural organic sources such as microbes, organic wastes and other similar materials. The organic matter in our products feeds microorganisms in the soil, improving the foundation upon which plants grow. Healthy lawns depend on healthy soils. Healthy soils need proper mineral balance and good beneficial microbial levels to make those minerals available to the roots. Enriching the soil with organic matter also improves soil structure, which improves the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients, releasing them to plant roots as needed.

Many people are not aware that you can have a healthy green lawn without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers are manufactured from minerals, gasses from the air and other materials.

Synthetic fertilizers usually work quickly to feed and green you lawn but don’t provide a sustainable source of nutrients for your lawn. This is why with most synthetic fertilizer, you need to feed your lawn 4 – 5 times a year.