Veggie Doo 301

$18.00 • 1 cubic ft.

Grower: Morgans Composting

Approved for organic use. Michigan made by Morgan Composting. Vegetable Gardening Are you looking for rich, full flavor that makes your mouth water? Outdoor Plant Mix 301, enriched with 77 different minerals to grow T-A-S-T-E, grows delicious vegetables, berries, and fruit perfect for the dinner table!

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This designer product provides the nutrients your taste buds are begging for! Outdoor Plant Mix 3o1 contains DAIRY DOO®, Poultry Compost, worm castings and a mineral pack. Outdoor Plant Mix 301 is great for use in containers and can also be worked in a soil amendment in your garden. Mixing Outdoor Plant Mix 301 into you soil will give your vegetables a jump start on both performance and taste.