101 Seed Starter

$13.15 • 1 cubic ft.

Grower: Morgans Composting

Approved for organic use. Michigan made by Morgan Composting. White pine farm uses it to start our plants. Contains sphagnum peat, coconut coir, dairy doo, poultry compost,worm casting, paramagnetic rock, sand, hical lime, tennessee brown rock phosphate, gypsum, meat & bone meal, feather meal, vermiculite, and perlite.

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One cubic foot of potting soil fills 256 standard round 2 ΒΌ inch pots, 48 4-inch ones or 6 8-inch pots. If you are filling hanging baskets with soil, the same amount will fill 11 8-inch baskets, or 5 10-inch baskets.