Fertilizer, Safe Green Lawn

$22.38 • 1 cubic ft.

Grower: Morgans Composting

Want to be the envy of the neighborhood without a lawn service? The best lawn on the block comes from solid soil biology and Safe Green Lawn has just that! It is safe for Fido and the kids; there is no need to worry about toxic chemicals because it is pesticide free.

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Building soil biology takes care of thatch naturally providing more growing power to your lawn, due to the DAIRY DOO® and Humate action packed formula! Phosphorous-free, Safe Green Lawn can be used around lakes, rivers and streams without the fear of polluting. Apply through a broadcast spreader for new or existing lawns. Use Safe Green Lawn at a rate of 5-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. in the spring. Application intervals can range from 30-90 days. Bag covers 5,000 sq. ft. MADE BY MORGAN COMPOSTING.