Fertilizer, Compost Dairy Doo

$8.00 • 1 cu ft Bag

Grower: Morgans Composting

DAIRY DOO!!! Approved for organic use. Composted cow manure. Made in Michigan by Morgan Compost. Perfect fertilizer for the garden. Why Dairy Doo? Healthy plants start with healthy soil. Derived from: Hydrolyzed feather meal, Meat meal, contains compost, Blood meal, sulfate Potash and Leonardite Ore, 6.08% slow release hydrogen from feather meal

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For years, chemical farming has stripped our soils of the nutrients, microbiology, and holding capacity that gave us some of the richest farmland in the world. Quality, designer compost is a way to reverse that trend. By using Dairy Doo as little as a quarter-inch deep, you can stimulate the biological activity that is natural to your soil and critical to healthy plant growth.