Eggs, Soy Free, Liberty Oak


Grower: libertyoakfarm

Taste the difference when you buy our Soy-Free, Pastured Eggs!  Our heritage breed hens are hatched right here on our farm, and raised on the best soy-free and organic grain ration along with all the fresh greens and bugs they desire!





Liberty Oak Farm laying hens are pastured during spring, summer, and fall in a mobile coop with a large yard of electric poultry netting around it.  They are moved every couple of days (sometimes daily) following our cows through the pasture.  Along with all the bugs & greens they can eat, they are supplemented with an organic and soy-free layer feed. We are not certified, but use only organic land healing practices on our farm, i.e. composted manure & rotational grazing, never any chemicals or artificial fertilizers.