Eggs, Pristine Acres

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Pastured Hens and Eggs are from Pristine Farms in Marion MI. The Mishler Family Farm is not certified organic but uses organic practices on the farm. Please support another Michigan Farmer producing healthy food.

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“While Pristine Acres is not certified organic, Jacob Mishler is committed to keeping antibiotics and pesticides off of his farm and uses organic practices in the raising of his hens. He’s constantly working to improve the quality of the pasture the birds graze on and the
feed they eat in order to produce the highest quality eggs he possibly can. He’ll even tell you about the natural medicines he’s used to avoid resorting to antibiotics when birds fall ill, such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, kelp meal and more.

Jacob and his family are now caring for 2,000 laying hens in their brand new hoop barn, with space to add additional birds. The birds are always given at least 2 square feet each in the barn (.25 square feet above the organic standard),and are let out to pasture every day while the weather allows.”