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Organic Farming

So what does this green guy have to do with organic farming. LOTS!! He is a ferocious aphid eater and if you see him flying around your out door nightlight give him a little thank you. Whatever you do, do not smash him because he will leave a stench and you will have more aphids.
My mother made sure we learned out beneficial insects and reminded us how important this guy was to her garden as well as many other insects (she was also our entomology 4-H leader).
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what organic farmers do so much so that once I overheard a conversation from a conventional grower telling a customer that certified organic farmer spray all the time and are allowed to spray of all things nicotine. Wow!!! interesting I have never heard of that search OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) and you will see the word RESTRICTED.
Times have changed, understanding ecology is almost becoming a thing of the past, when once entomology was a popular field for 4-H members it is now just barely a waning glimpse. It is too easy for people to ask what do I use to kill this or that with rather than to learn mother nature have to offer. They offer lots, including this little green mega eater you see above.