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Memorial Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day.    The weather is warming up and many of  you are out planting your gardens this weekend, some are visiting cemeteries and putting flowers on loved ones graves, having family cookouts, or heading up north.  The farmers are also busy, they are planting, tilling fields and arguing with many of those tiny creatures that eat the crops they grow.

A humming bird was trapped in one of our green houses, we managed to catch it and let it go, I sure hope it found a good food source quickly after the release as I am sure getting trapped took a lot of energy.

The squash has been planted and Sweet Potatoes slips should be arriving soon, the beds for them are ready so they can be planted quickly depending on the weather and the cattle are out on fresh pasture.

CSA Farmers Market is going through some changes, in the long run it will be for the better.  The website is now in the hands of another programmer as the first one just had a baby.   Expect to see improvements, one noticeable improvement is in the search on the “Shop the Market” page, it is worth a try.

I have been too busy to visit our swamps and woodlands lately, although I am sure they are filled with life.   As organic farmers we like to protect our environment and work with nature when farming.  I find it good to know that our farm sits at the top of the Flint River Watershed and the way we choose to farm has an impact on all those downstream from us.