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Delicious Herbs from Columbiaville Michigan owner Gina Delisi is a great addition to our group.  The samples she sent us were so delicious that having the word delicious in her product name was not an exaggeration.  Gina is also studying health and nutrition and is incorporating those principals in her teas and mixes.



Will’s Greenhouse:  We have known and worked with Jim Wills for more than 10 years.  He only does greenhouse plants in the Spring/Early Summer, uses Morgan Products (the ones approved for organic use) and some certified organic potting soil mixes.  He also only uses Certified Organic Seed.  He will be ordering his seeds in December and he will order and grow whatever plants you may want.   Look for a survey very soon asking for what seeds he should order and plants you want him to grow.

We want your plants to arrive to you in perfect shape and ready for you to plant and we will not send you plants until the proper frost free dates so your plants will have a better chance of surviving.  (Green houses make a lot of money selling tomato plants too early that are not hardened, they die and the customer goes back and buys more)

Jim also hardens the plants off, so when you take them home they will not shock from the temperature and light changes.  Plants that come out of the hot green house and into Michigan’s cooler temperatures usually do not survive.  He puts them on a large flat hay wagon and haul them outside each day for a short period of time to accumulate to the colder temperature.  Quality plants like the ones he produce is not easy to find.