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Growing Season May 8, 2017

FROST Last night. Burr!!!!!!   It did take out some of the asparagus and about 10% fortunately the apple blossoms are safe.

Lettuce is wonderful, it is safe tucked away in the hoop house.

Best part no more store bought lettuce from where ever.  Fresh, tasty and stays fresh for so much longer.

Update on the new website.  Some  love the website others hate it.  We still have a lot of repairs and improvements and a huge learning curve.  The web designer had a baby April 29 so some of the improvements are on hold for a bit.

When the site is running up to speed with the all the bells and whistle it will in so many ways be a bonus for everyone, especially for the customers!!!!

Many people want to scroll through the whole list as they did on the old site.  I am sure that in time we should be able to make that an option.


Market is still open!!! Will close tonight at 10pm.