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Freezer Beef — Larger Quantity Lower Price

Have you ever considered getting your own freezer beef.

It is less expensive than by beef by the piece and you get to have it processed the way that you want.

White Pine Farm has beef that has been is 100% grass fed (fed our own certified organic hay) and put on our organic pastures when the grass is growing—Yes hard to believe that they do not eat grass growing in the fields in January under all that snow.  Supplemented  with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for parasites.

30 lbs of freezer beef is equal to about one cubic foot of freezer space.  So when you realize that you did not fill your freezer with that deer, consider freezer beef (deer do eat gmo crops).

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I was pretty impressed with what I saw at the farm, although I did not have time to hang around too long as I had to get back to Almars.  Mud Creek grows all of their own ginger to make the ginger ale and they harvest their own elderberries.  The hoophouses sit low in a swampy area and the house sits high.  They had a large collection of Pontiac Vibes (one of my favorite cars) and seemed down to earth during our brief conversation.  I am looking forward to getting back to their farm to see how they grown ginger.    The pop they make has NO coloring!  Not sure why producers started adding coloring to pop in the first place.

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Wheat Grass

Moving Forward  Finally our Wheat Grass Grower is Here.

I have juice and tasted his wheat grass juice and it is soo good.

Green Healing is what they call themselves and they are from Genesee County.  Only organic seed and soil is used to grow this sweet wheat grass.

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Delicious Herbs from Columbiaville Michigan owner Gina Delisi is a great addition to our group.  The samples she sent us were so delicious that having the word delicious in her product name was not an exaggeration.  Gina is also studying health and nutrition and is incorporating those principals in her teas and mixes.



Will’s Greenhouse:  We have known and worked with Jim Wills for more than 10 years.  He only does greenhouse plants in the Spring/Early Summer, uses Morgan Products (the ones approved for organic use) and some certified organic potting soil mixes.  He also only uses Certified Organic Seed.  He will be ordering his seeds in December and he will order and grow whatever plants you may want.   Look for a survey very soon asking for what seeds he should order and plants you want him to grow.

We want your plants to arrive to you in perfect shape and ready for you to plant and we will not send you plants until the proper frost free dates so your plants will have a better chance of surviving.  (Green houses make a lot of money selling tomato plants too early that are not hardened, they die and the customer goes back and buys more)

Jim also hardens the plants off, so when you take them home they will not shock from the temperature and light changes.  Plants that come out of the hot green house and into Michigan’s cooler temperatures usually do not survive.  He puts them on a large flat hay wagon and haul them outside each day for a short period of time to accumulate to the colder temperature.  Quality plants like the ones he produce is not easy to find.







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Farmers are harvesting lots of goodies

Garlic Bulbs
Yellow Beans
Multi Colored Beets

Fresh Blueberries!

Gluten Free From Westwind is Back

FRESH Produce, lots of it.

Summer Squash
Celery (best fresh & tasty)
Small Cucumbers! Yumm!
Zucchini (Organic Means NON GMO)

Other Organic Produce
LETTUCE, KALE, Swiss Chard, Radishes,
and MORE!!!
Organic Frozen Produce
Mashed Potatoes (ready to serve)
Blueberries, tart cherries, peppers, onions, cucumbers,  zucchini, greens,
Organic Dried Produce

If you cannot find it on the website give us quick

comment requesting it and odds are we may have

extra when we harvest.

Sale & Clearance

Oops Sale Pecans (kosher but not certified organic)


Zucchini & Cucumbers
Organic Flour,  Soy Free and Meats, Nuts,

Proteins & Meats

Organic Meats
Grass fed beef available.
Pork, Lamb, Fish and Vegetarian Burgers.

Organic Cheese & Milk
Cheese, Toni Oliver makes the premium cheese from the very same cows that she milks twice a day.
Milk from Hilhof, it is in glass not plastic so it tastes so much better.


Local Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, mall to large jars of these wonderful local sweet healthy treats.
Nut Butters, Flour, Oatmeal, Beans,
Popcorn, Salsa, Jams, Pastas, Dry Beans and more.


Approved for Certified Organic Use
That time of year again, seed starter, fertilizers, composts and all good things for your garden.


Healthy for your skin and you.
Soaps for bathing, washing hair, fragrance free or some with essential oils.
Laundry soap that leaves your cloths soft and fresh, toilet bowl cleaner, dishwasher soap.


Switchel, Tart Cherry Juice,
Tasty Switchel, or cool down with root beer and for those that need a little boost for their health tries some organic tart cherry concentrate.


WEB LOG–NEW Article about organic farming.
Farm Tour Aug 8
Farm store at White Pine Farm
CSA Farmers Market is now open.
We are at Milford Market–Come Visit us.
Cider and Apples are done for the year!

Make a trip to one of our local Farms.
See how we grow the food you eat.
Nice to have food you can drive to, visit where it is growing instead of taking an airplane.


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The original software was never designed for our application and limited us in what we could do.
This new software can grow and adapt with us.
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