About Us

CSA Farmers Market is a group of small family owned and operated growers and producers from Southeast Michigan who work together to provide easier access for customers to receive local-organic-food.

Most of us are Certified-Organic, some Certified Naturally Grown, all of us use organic practices and all of us are GMO free.

We harvest fresh and deliver orders to many locations located in Lapeer, Genesee, Tuscola, Oakland & Macomb County.

The Market opens Thursday at 3 pm and closes Monday night. Farmers harvest or prepare foods Tuesday & Wednesday and they pack orders on Thursday and deliver orders Thursday-Saturday.



Reuseables We Collect

Thank you for your continued support of our “LIVE GREEN” efforts!

Paper Grocery Bags
This includes the ones you get from stores

The cardboard bottoms from the bags

Glass Jars
Any jar that our products come in

Hilhof Dairy Bottles:
Please be sure when you return the bottles that the cap with the label on is still attached. You receive a two dollar credit for every bottle that comes back (attached your name)

Ink/Toner Cartridges:
We recycle the cartridges and receive office supply credits. This truly helps to keep our costs down.

Ice Packs

Egg cartons are always appreciated



Freezer Contributions

*We are very grateful for your continued support! *

1,800 so far

$100 to $150
Patricia Gall
Debra Lyman

$50 to $100
Linda Williams
Debi Peters
Stephen Walker

$25 to $50
Lori Brooks
Stephen Cranfield
Holly Lubowicki
David Jameson
Karen Munson
Mary Varady
Tina Dupuis
Bruce Williams
Christy Tiberg

Under $25
Pam Walker
Amy Uniacke
Rebecca Loftus
Brenda Timmerman
Maryjane Engelhart
Barb Bochenek
Marianna Fitzgerald
Melissa Gifford
Jeanette Farley
Peggy Garrigues
Andrea Goddard
Christine Lawler
Andrea Pike
Theresa Schafer
Bill Schwank
Carol Solomon
Michelle Steiner
Denae Tait
Michele Mroczek
Diana Carnahan
Joy Arbor
Anita Heeke

Shannan McNair
Sheryl Forth
Carol Schmidt
Judy Mrachina
Cori Douglas
Kate Darga
Laureen Sue Magyari
Shanna Mills
Kimberly Pistonetti
Tracy Williams
Carol Bendure
Dana Driscoll
Kathleen Gahan
Laurel Levine
Diane Maennle
Kristina Moore
Carolyn Young
Heather Hamlin
Kristy Fairbanks
Donna Mohr
Renee Nadiv
Beth Schmeisl
Kurt Cobb

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