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Things are looking pretty good in the hoophouses.  Here at White Pine Farm which is also the home of CSA Farmers Market we welcome visitors.    If at any time you would like to take a day trip to see what and how we do things you are always welcome.

A new farm store is being developed on the farm, it is in a building next to the building  we pack orders in, the building that orders are packed is in need of repair, mostly insulating.  This older building looks like a barn, it is one my father had built shortly after the end of WW2, when he got returned from the war.  It is a solid building unlike the old barn that use to sit next too it, which has long since fallen down.

Katie who was developing the website was trying to get as much done as she could before having her baby, her baby came a little early so Daryl is taking over and has a very long list of repairs.  #1 on the list is seeing what can be done about the extreme passwords that need to be created.  We are all rooting for him and hoping he can continue to fix things and make them more user friendly.