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Ordering Will OPEN Now to Mon Midnight, Pick up orders in Time for Mother’s Day

The sun is out and temperature is rising.  Yes that little bit of snow could have slowed down many farmers but, not us here in Michigan.  We’re used to that changing everyday weather.  So being the prepared farmers, we have the beautiful barns for our animals and the hoop houses for our greens. We fish in our lakes when the ice floes diminish. We still have our dry goods  and spices for those occasional days you need a warm and hardy bean soup or stew.  Get your orders in so we can keep you healthy and happy with our local farm products.

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I was pretty impressed with what I saw at the farm, although I did not have time to hang around too long as I had to get back to Almars.  Mud Creek grows all of their own ginger to make the ginger ale and they harvest their own elderberries.  The hoophouses sit low in a swampy area and the house sits high.  They had a large collection of Pontiac Vibes (one of my favorite cars) and seemed down to earth during our brief conversation.  I am looking forward to getting back to their farm to see how they grown ginger.    The pop they make has NO coloring!  Not sure why producers started adding coloring to pop in the first place.