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Organic Apples are NOW available.  It is the time of year where the Apple Orchards are filled with people enjoying doughnuts, cider, pumpkins, apples and more.  Most orchards make things fun for the family.  This year Almar Orchard and the Country Mill Farm are both doing that.  Almar had gotten hit so hard last spring with a late frost that it took out most of their apples and they barely have enough apples for all the people that come to enjoy their orchard.  Because of that we may not be seeing many of Almars apples this year on the website so we now have Country Mill Farm who also has a certified organic orchard.  The website lists at least four varieites of apples available, crimson crisp, Jonathon, McIntosh and Purplicious.


Sweet Potatoes one of the best tasting healthiest tubers out their.  And best of all they taste great.  Did you know that a sweet potato is not a potato, it is actually a member of the morning glory family.




Great Lakes fish is back Finally!  Caught in Lake Superior one of the cleanest great lakes has been clean, quick frozen and vacuum packed for freshness.  It all looks good.