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Almar Crop and Harvest Update 2017

Dear Customers of Almar Orchards,

Sometimes Mother Nature pulls out all the stops and grants us a bumper crop, which is a happy ending to a year of hard work. Other years, she takes her cut and then some. 2017 is going to be an interesting season for us here at Almar Orchards and JK’s Scrumpy, LLC. Mother Nature didn’t have a benevolent frame of mind when she was writing the script for May of this year. The drama is still unfolding and we have yet to see the end of the story.

What we do know is this…because of the frost and freeze event during the full moon in May, we have many varieties of apples that were lost. For instance, we “normally” harvest 700 bushels of our Paula Reds (above) but this year we’ll only end up with about 75 bushel, total! These “ugly” apples will not go to waste, as Mother Nature bestows a little gift in that the damaged apples actually undergo a chemical change. This change makes them firmer and sweeter — PERFECT for our famous fresh apple cider and fermented hard ciders. The drawback is that not only will we have less volume to harvest, (around 25% of last year) but less saleable apples overall. Many of the apples just won’t be pretty enough to bag up and sell to you. So, we’re reaching out to some of our friends in the state of Washington. We’ll be buying several varieties of USDA ORGANIC APPLES from them, as we did in 2012, and they will be VERY PRETTY APPLES. They just won’t have that unique Almar Orchards flavor that you’re used to. The growing conditions and the methods they employ in Washington’s climate are totally different from what we have here in Michigan.

Basically, you will need to tune in to our social media posts and/or weekly website updates to stay informed. You can always call us if you are not online. We want you to know that we’ll still have organic apples and cider and will bring back a bit of agritourism to keep you connected to us. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Jim and Karen Koan,
Monique Koan Lapinski and Zach Koan, Co-owners