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Hello world!

Wonderful Day in Paradise!
Warm and than cold and warm again,never can figure rather or not to wear long johns under my jeans or shorts. If you think the weather is confusing for us, consider what the plants and the trees are doing.
A few warm days and they begin to wake up from their slumber, their buds start to swell as the sap (stored energy) flows up from the roots to the tips of the twigs.
They think spring is coming and it is time to bud out, grow leaves and put on blossoms.
Opps it is cold again and they stop.
Fruit growers are watching their trees very closely, too many warm days and the trees will prematurely put on leaves and start to blossom. Sounds good doesn’t it, early crops—not so. When that cold snap comes the blossoms cannot tolerate the cold and die. Wind and rain can actually protect the blossoms from freezing, but from my experience the coldest nights are when the sky is clear, the moon is full and their is no breeze.
So the farmer wait and actually wish that the weather will stay colder as it should be and that the weather will warm up for the trees to blossom May after the threat of frost.
For if the trees become fooled and blossom too soon as to be killed of by the normal Michigan frosts we will not see Michigan Apples, Pears, Cherries, Blueberries or any of the other wonderful fruits that we all have come to enjoy.